Introducing Golden Hills Baptist Church of Lead

A New Church Declaring the Old Truths of the Bible

In the upcoming weeks Evangelist Gordon Phillips and his family are trusting the Lord to permanently relocate to the northern Hills area.  They are presently planning to begin holding Baptist church services in the town of Lead on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012, and then continue to work to see Golden Hills Baptist Church officially established there in the near future.  Further information about service times and location will be announced sometime in May.

Evangelist Phillips has been in evangelism since June of 1991.  They were most recently in Stewart, British Columbia, Canada where they helped in the formation of Charity Baptist Church.

If you would like to know about what the Bible teaches, we invite you to come visit us at any of our scheduled services.  We will be focused on helping individuals to understand what the Bible says and how God’s truth gives us forgiveness, peace, and strength and how it can change lives so that our tomorrow’s do not have to be like our yesterday’s.