The Distinctives of a Baptist Church

1. A born again and baptized church membership,
2. The autonomy of the local church,
3. The individual priesthood of the believer,
4. Soul liberty,
5. The Bible as the sole authority for faith and practice,
6. The practice of two ordinances consisting of believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper,
7. The separation of church and state, and
8. Two church offices being pastor and deacon.

Historic Biblical Fundamentalism: Why We Are a Fundamental Church

Biblical Fundamentalism is  the belief in, the defense of, the contending for, and a life lived according to the Word of God.   Fundamentalism stands in contrast to theological Liberalism/Modernism which denies Biblical truth such as the Deity of Christ and the Inerrancy of the Scriptures.  Fundamentalism is also distinct from Evangelicalism which while it affirms Bible truth fellowships with those who do not and thereby compromises the precious truths of God ‘s Word.

Golden Hills is a church desiring to “earnestly contend[s] for the faith once delivered to the saints” by holding to Bible doctrine, by maintaining a Biblical spirit of contending for truth against error, and by being separated from worldliness, religious apostasy and compromise, and disobedient brethren.

What Is an Independent Church?

An independent church is one that is free from control of its own internal affairs by those individuals who are not members of that church or by denominations, associations, or other organized or unorganized groups religious or otherwise.

It is responsible to self-administer its own affairs under its Head the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ has given His church instructions in the Scriptures concerning its doctrine and practices.  He also has gifted and chosen men to instruct and correct His church from the Bible and to selflessly lead it by a godly example.

While for some “independent” means aloofness, for us it does not.  Golden Hills Baptist Church is a church that enjoys the fellowship of other like-minded churches and is affiliated with the Inter-Mountain Baptist Fellowship, a fellowship of Independent Fundamental Baptist churches in the inter-mountain west.