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5 comments on “GuestBook

  1. Great to see you’ve arrived. May the Lord strengthen you for the ministry he has equipped you for in Lead. I like the photo, very picturesque 😉

  2. Great to see the Lord providing you to get moved to Lead and begin the work He has called you to. We will be looking forward to watching with you, and Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Rapid City, the work God will accomplish through you in Lead. Kevin

  3. Amen! Thanks so much for the email and the invitation to come. Praise God for His goodness! May God richly bless the ministry at GHBC. We will be praying for you for wisdom and God’s protection as you grow in His ministry. The Chaplar Family

  4. So glad to see a good Fundamental Baptist Church in Lead. Love the Black Hills area as it is close to my families roots – Osage, WY.
    Don Giffin

  5. My husband, son and I attended the first lesson of the 7 week Bible Study on “Spiritual Life” on Thursday February 19th. We were impressed and pleased with the teaching. I have been to many bible studies years ago but I did not like them because I didn’t want to know “everyone’s” perceptions on the meanings of the bible. I want to know the “true” meaning. Gordon did a fantastic job and delivered what I expected and have been looking for. We will attend the remaining 6 and hope to have more to come. Anyone who is looking for the perfect church and place of worship, Golden Hills is by far the best one we have been to in the Lead/Deadwood area. We will see you in the morning for 10:30 am church service. GOD bless you and your family.

    The Maddux family.

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